Savory’s products take over the atmosphere in the pantry and raise the culinary level in every kitchen that has chosen to bring them in. The quality of these products is uncompromising, so they will always take first place. Because Severe’s secret is in components.

Our Products


Canola oil spray

Weight: 156 ml
No. 7290015674591

Balsamic vinegar

Weight: 500 ml
No. 8437015910758

Red wine vinegar

Weight: 500 ml
No. 8437015910765

White wine vinegar

Weight: 500 ml
No. 8437015910772

Apple vinegar

Weight: 500 ml
No. 8437015910789

Whole palm hearts

Weight: 400 ml
No. 7290015674935

Hearts and
palm slices

Weight: 400 ml
No. 7290015674942

Mini cracker

Weight: 15g
No. 7290017084244

Onion-Flavored 'Matzalach'

Weight: 100g
No. 7290017084510

Ketchup-Flavored 'Matzalach'

Weight: 100g
No. 7290017084497

salted 'Matzalach'

Weight: 100g
No. 7290017084503

No. 7290017084794